Exclusively for Woot Customers: Great Christmas Music for $1.99.

This is my best sale of the year, exclusively for Woot customers! 

It’s a few days before Christmas. Are you getting a little tired of the same old music you’ve been listening to since Thanksgiving? I think you’ll like my contemporary solo piano Christmas albums, which offer a fresh take on familiar classics.

In a shameless effort to build  my fan base, I’m offering each of these albums as MP3 downloads for $1.99 to Woot customers. If you enjoy the music, come back and “like” my Facebook page so we can keep in touch about future album releases.

Hit the play buttons below for a sample, then add either or both albums to your cart and remember to use coupon code WOOT2013 at checkout.


Midwinter (2012): Add to Cart



Rejoice (2001): Add to Cart


2 Responses

  1. Mike Ranz says:

    I have a pianomation piano and it’s hard to find decent piano solo music for it. This would be perfect as a player piano disc! Don’t know if you’ve ever considered that, but I’d be in for one. Beautiful music!

    • Michael says:

      Mike — That’s very interesting. I hadn’t considered it, but I like the idea. Some of these tunes might be fun to watch unfold across the keys! I’ll do a little investigating as to how to create the right kind of disc.

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